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Write for Us – Guest Blogging – Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Makeup, Health & Wellness, Lifestyle, Diet & Nutrition, Travel, and Relationships.

Edith Beauty consistently looks for new guest writers to join our team and contribute fresh writeups with guest posts.

The mission of our Blog is to deliver tips and tricks for women on feeling beautiful.

By becoming a guest blogger, you’ll be able to spread your advice, ideas, and experiences that would be helpful to our readers.

What Your Pitch Needs To Be About?

Edith Beauty is all about the glamour world. Our Blog is a showcase for technically everything BEAUTIFUL inside and out. We’re always actively seeking authors, skilled writers, and bloggers, as well as Beauty & Health experts who are specifically interested in Beauty, Lifestyle, & Health, and Nutrition.

We also have categories for Travel and Relationship, where we offer professional and well-researched back articles which can guide you accordingly. So, we heartily welcome all interested people to join in and collab with us.

What Is in It for You?

You gain exposure for your work and expand your writing portfolio.

You will get an author bio at the end of all the posts you wrote, giving you full credit for your work and a link to your own site and social media profiles.

Expand the reach of your writeups through our social media promotion.

Mail Us: contact@edithbeauty.com

Sounds Good; what Are the Send to: contact@edithbeauty.com Rules and Regulations?

  • The articles should be between 1000-1200 words length-wise.
  • Use subheadings and/or bullets where it’s necessary.
  • The images used must be safe to use from copyrighting context.
  • Very important: Guest posts must be genuine, written by you, i.e., the author, and may not have been published earlier elsewhere online or offline publications.
  • Very important: You agree not to post the article anywhere else online after posting on Edith Beauty.
  • We do not grant guest articles written on behalf of any third-party companies or websites. If you have such a request, we will talk about that in Advertise with us.
  • You can, however, share a link on your website that sends readers to your article on Edith  Beauty.
  • Any content submitted to our Blog becomes an asset of our website. We retain the right to market, share, and use the writeup(of course with your credit) for the aim of PR of our Blog.
  • We will provide a short bio (up to four-five sentences) with your social media links and an image, which will be posted at the end of all of your guest articles. A more detailed profile could be given in your posts’ archive.
  • We motivate you to write excellent content that gives you pride, so we do not accept crude content marketing for SEO objectives; if you need such a chance, you can write for a specific beauty product blog.
  • We don’t permit SEO links in the articles.


After the Publication, What Can You Do More for Your Piece of Writeup?

We want you to engage in the comment section of your published article.

Share your guest blog with others through social media and vocally.

Suggest us modification feedback if you see that you could rephrase some sentence or word or if the information is outdated.


Your Requirements, What Is the Submission Procedure?

First of all, mail us your request for guest blogging with your bio (and, obviously, a photo) and your post ideas at: contact@edithbeauty.com.

We will be honored to get to know you!

You can also give links to your Facebook , LinkedIn , Twitter and Instagram profiles. We will get in sync with your ideas, you will send us the guest blog, and we will make a collab for the final touch-ups if needs be.

P.S.– We don’t give you any warranty to publish every post submitted by you. We will only choose posts that we consider to be in the best interests of our audience. It may take us some days to revert back but be assured that every guest post will be read and assessed.

We will inform you about our decision. And send you feedback anyway. If we choose not to post your article, feel free to publish it elsewhere on the web world.

We just can’t wait for your freshly made ideas. Let us boost you!

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Write for us Beauty.

Write for us Beauty is what you have to look for to write for us and be our guest blogger. Whether it is about Beauty, Hairstyle, Fashion, Clothing, or Cosmetics, we aim to present the highest quality of content to our readers, which helps them and brings them back to us in the future.


Write for us Fashion.

Our readers are quite intimidated by fashion blogs that have the latest fashion trends, cult jewelry, latest tips and tricks for clothing, and many more. Show us what you have in stock if you are the one who’s interested in the fashion world. Search Write for us “Fashion” Edith Beauty, and you will be directed to us.


Write for us Fitness.

To be beautiful from both inside and out, we need to be happy & healthy from within. To know about all the advice on health, readers hover around our Blog. Edith Beauty offers a Write for us Health Guest Blog for all the health experts and enthusiasts. We’d love to see what you have in for us!


Write for us Lifestyle.

We all are well aware that having a healthy lifestyle is the key to a better life. Well, it might vary for every individual according to their lifestyle in itself, but trying to have some core good habits always proves to be helpful..no?

We’d accept blogs from lifestyle coaches and a good lifestyle influencer. So, if you want to join us as a guest writer, search on Google, Write for us “Lifestyle”; or visit our site and click on the Write for us section.


Write for us Health & Wellness.

As we all know, Health & Wellness walk side-by-side, we showcase many useful guides and tricks to our readers. So, we’ll want from you what is beneficial for our reader’s intentions. Write for us + Health & Wellness is what we call you to write to us.


Write for us Diet & Nutrition.

The Diet & Nutrition section of Edith Beauty portrays all the nooks and corners of healthy food recipes, food supplements, all the necessary nutritious diets for every age and size. So, without any delay, we welcome food bloggers, Chefs, Dieticians, Nutritionists, Pediatricians, and individuals who have interesting personal stories to share; Come “Write for us” Diet & Nutrition is all open for you.


Write for us Travel.

Hey, where are you looking at? Yes, we share Travel advice as well for interested bohemians and travelers. People share their travel stories with us, which in return becomes helpful for individuals who are willing to plan their next trip. Write how you want to show us your ideas in our Travel Blogs. Let’s hop in Write for us Travel, and show what stories you have!


Write for us Relationships.

Well, now relationships are really important in our lives, ain’t they? We are here in Edith Beauty, bringing to you potent relationship advice from professional relationship coaches, counsellors, sexologists, and individual people who want to share their own experiences and lessons, want to show their hardships & struggle to create a successful relationship; join in. Visit the Write for us “Relationships blogs” section of our Blog.

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